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About Us

This website has been created by a team of experienced players who have set a goal to provide fans of slot machines for real money with the most comprehensive overview of the most popular and trusted online casinos. While working on this site, we have decided to only be guided by objective data that we receive through rigorous testing of every gaming platform. Thus, the users of our website can obtain an accurate, reliable information about the multiple casino options such as profitability, real-time output of money, reliability, honesty, etc. Our team is always working on the updating of the information provided, so you'll always have a fresh, objective opinion about the best online casinos for real money!

When we talk about those who test the participants of Top 10 best online casinos for money, we mean an experienced, motivated team of successful players with more than 10 years of experience of the game, Web Application Security Consultants and Legal Consultants. Thanks to the competence of the data of the project participants, all the visitors will receive all the full information about the popular online casino based on fair, objective analysis of the operation of gaming platforms, as well as on feedback from real players, to the most famous thematic forums.

We are not a gaming platform. We are an objective, independent team that is testing the online casinos for real money, so that all the players, regardless of their experience of the game, were always able to have an accurate information about the most popular of them.

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